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Open only for reviews & responses, April 15 – August 15

Include a short cover letter & bio in the body of your email; we’d like to know who you are, not just who’s published you — if you’re in, from, or have roots in Detroit, let us know! While students, faculty, and staff, currently or formerly (within reason) affiliated with Wayne State University are ineligible for consideration or publication of original work, anyone is welcome to submit reviews & responses.

We’re committed to creating space for voices that are traditionally and systemically silenced, and Woodward Review hopes to establish processes for affirmative editorial action. We acknowledge it’s impossible to escape aesthetic biases when deciding what makes good art, so we do not intend to try to find what is “good.” We welcome experiments and failures, but submissions or submitters that support racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, classism, sexism, ableism need not apply.

We believe in the importance of compensating all workers for work, and we will always pay our contributors (for Summer '22 Reviews & Responses, $15 each).

Most submissions get a response in 1– 3 months, but if it seems like there’s gum in the works or you have any other problems or questions, send an email with the subject line Query. If you’re accepted for publication, we’ll request links to previous online publications you’re proud of, or any books or chaps you have in print, to provide a wider template for reviewers & responders to consider your work.

Reviews & Responses:

Our central goal is to curate conversation, which we hope to achieve by rejecting the traditional trajectory from the artistic to the critical work it inspires; we believe there's so much more to say when the creative and the critical can respond in any direction, to themselves and each other. To that end, everything we publish, even more "academic" writing, should be treated like an ekphrastic object, inviting creative or critical study.

Every reader and contributor is encouraged to submit a review or response in any medium or genre, from poem to memoir, from doodle to researched essay. Regardless of the form of the original piece, we are seeking writing, art, hybrid and digital media that reflects your review of or response to something you found in the Review. Did you discover a short story hidden in the pixels of a photography series? Pick up a paintbrush to make sense of a poem? Find yourself writing an essay about something you read here and figured no one would care? Well, we do.

We’re especially interested in seeing work from writers whose obsessions are unfamiliar, scholars or artists whose areas of expertise we don’t (yet) understand. We also welcome book reviews of poetry and prose titles written in Detroit or by Detroiters, and published in the last two years.

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Thoughts, theories, opinions, emotions, experiences, synesthesic translations, and anything else in a manageable file type, up to 2,500 words or five pages of art.

The Woodward Review